How Do I Benefit?

Managed Print Services help you in five important and measurable ways:  cost savings, reduced theft, I.T. focus, workflow improvement and environmental impact.

Cost Savings

Any area of your business that you don’t currently actively manage can be a place where you can save money.  When you begin to actively manage your printer fleet you can realize meaningful cost savings.  Most of our clients are initially surprised when they discover how much they are spending on printing.  However, when they learn how much they could be saving they are happy.

Reduced Theft

Printer cartridges are expensive.  Many companies have thousands of dollars of printer and copier supplies stockpiled, providing a large temptation for employees to steal supplies and sell them online.  Just do a quick search for “printer cartridges” on eBay and you’ll see what we mean.  With Managed Print Services you printer supplies are included in your cost-per-page, reducing your risk of theft.

I.T. Focus

Printers can be a big distraction to high-value I.T. resources.  Your I.T. team needs to be focused on strategic initiatives and security, not distracted with paper jams and toner replacement.  With Managed Print Services we take care of your printers, copiers and multifunction systems.  That means your I.T. team can focus on what they do best.
With our printers monitored 24 hours a day by Current Business we never have to worry if a device is out-of-service or running low online.  They simply take care of everything!
Debby R., Firm Administrator, Law Firm

Workflow Improvement

Documents drive most business processes.  When you begin to understand the documents you print and why they are printed this can become the foundation for workflow improvement.  Over time we can help you optimize your workflow.  Where appropriate we can help you implement best-in-class software and systems to help you streamline your business processes and even reduce your paper usage.

Environmental Impact

One of the biggest ways your office impacts the environment is through printing.  While trees are a renewable resource, the process of producing paper has negative environmental impacts.  Paper can be reduced by using rules-based printing and setting print jobs to print on two sides of the paper.  Plus, used toner cartridges can be recycled, reducing the impact on landfills.   
We’ve helped many Texas companies reduce costs while improving their operations.  To learn more about how you could benefit from Managed Print Services contact us today.