MFPs & Copiers

Multifunction Systems are tools for your business that give you the ability to print, copy, scan and fax, all from one easy to use machine. These machines can quickly perform any of these functions with ease. Did you know that Multifunction Systems are actually 20-40% less expensive than the combined expenses of single function products such as your printer, copier and fax machine? Not only do they have a lower operating cost, but they also take up approximately 50% less office space than single function equipment.

Multifunction Printers combine four of the most important business tools into one machine:


Multifunction Systems allow for documents to be printed in a number of varying sizes. Because Multifunction Printers are scalable, the volume that can be printed on these systems can also be scaled. Multifunction Systems allow for increased productivity and lower costs than their laser printer counterparts. In addition to these fea-tures, MFP’s also offer a variety of options not typically available in ink-jet or laser printers, such as stapling, booklet-making, and three-hole punch.


With state of the art scanning technology in every MFP, you can be assured you will see the highest quality copy-ing and document reproduction. These systems are easy to use and offer significant benefits, such as scan-one-print-many functionality, job pre-scan, and increased ability to maximize the resolution quality from your color originals.


It is necessary in business today to scan documents on a regular basis. The ability to convert paper documents to digital files for simple distribution is extremely important, due to the ever-increasing speed of business. With MFP’s from Current Business Technologies, you know you’ll be ready to scan and distribute important docu-ments when needed, in both full color and black & white.


While it is generally assumed that faxing is a dying method of communication with the rise of email, it is actually not the case. While this may be true in the future, currently it is still very necessary to possess the ability to fax. Multifunction Systems expand on traditional fax machines, and give you the ability to route inbound faxes, uti-lize desktop faxing, and fax directly into your Document Solutions system.

Managed Print Services

With Managed Print Services from Current Business Technologies, managing your printer fleet has never been easier. With automated meter reads and supply ordering, you will be sure that you always have exactly what you need to get the job done. You will also be able to continually monitor the printing that takes place in your organization so you will always have an accurate read of what is being printed and what can be cut down to reduce costs.

If you would like to learn more about our Managed Print Services program, please visit our MPS page.