How Do Managed Print Services Work

With Managed Print Services you benefit from a proven process that many other Texas companies are using to save money and free up their I.T. team.

1. Measure

The first step is to measure your current cost of printing.  The challenge is that most organizations have no idea how much they are spending on office printing.  As the saying goes, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”  As a result, most companies are spending much more than they need to on printing.  We use non-invasive print management software to quickly measure the actual cost of operating your printers, copiers and multifunction systems.  This provides you detailed reporting on your print costs while creating a base line from which to measure savings.

2. Improve

Next we improve your infrastructure.  Some printing devices cost more to operate than others.  Where it makes sense, we’ll redeploy printers with a low cost-of-operation in high-usage areas.  If there are devices that are reaching the end of their lifecycle, we’ll help you identify cost effective ways to refresh your technology.

3. Manage

This is the part that our clients love:  we manage your printers for you.  Using the same print management software used to measure your print costs we can manage your printers remotely.  When a device is running low on toner, we can automatically ship supplies.  When a printer needs maintenance or repair, we send a technician to fix the problem.

4. Optimize

Your business will continue to evolve.  Over time we help you optimize your print environment.  Guided by real data on your print usage we can help you identify cost-saving opportunities.  
Many other companies look to us to manage their printers.  They are saving money while freeing up their I.T. team.  To learn more about how your company could enjoy Managed Print Services from Current Business, contact us today.