CBT has helped us to centralize and streamline our management of printers – whether it be repairs, supplies or billing. They save us significant time and hassle on things like ordering supplies, reporting page counts, requesting dispatch and general internal communications. CBT is a valued partner and takes the chores out of managing our printer fleet.

Drew B.

"Your generosity with your time and knowledge and most of all your extreme patience in helping me through this process of not only establishing our HP copiers, but also the Phaser are the marks of a true professional.
Thank you for your integrity and your support. I look forward to receiving continued excellence in customer service for the next 5 years!!"

Tina L.
Houston Manufacturer

“CBT has long been our provider of choice for the firms printing needs. I consider them a valued member of my team that routinely goes above and beyond to ensure we exceed our users expectations. CBT makes printing similar to turning on a light.  Flip the switch and the light goes on – that simple.”

Charles D.
Senior IT Manager

“CBT has become our go-to company for managed print services.  From sales to service, you can tell they care about their customers.  CBT allows us to spend less time worried about toner inventory and downtime, so we can focus on what is really important.”

Trey C.
IT Administrator
Regional Fleet Sales/Support Company

"What I like about CBT is that they make my job easy. They run Software that monitors my Fleet so I don’t have to worry about ordering Toner or waiting on Service because it is always there when I need it; it just happens and I don’t have to do anything!"

Ryan S
Houston-Oil Service Company

“CBT’s Managed print program has saved Pioneer time and money. I know it saves us time because it is one contact and one service call for all of our locations. Since the printers are under contract, if we can’t identify and fix it within a few minutes, we place a service a service call and know it will be taken care of."

Ken D.
Natural Gas Company