Green Solutions

Many businesses today are looking for practical ways to reduce costs and do their part to help the environment. Traditionally in tough economic times, it can be difficult to institute new green initiatives into your business because of their expense. However, with a few simple adjustments, your business can effectively reduce costs and significantly help the overall health of the environment.

With Current Business Technologies, you can find the best green printing methods that will both save money and reduce your environmental impact.

Optimize Printing with Managed Print Services

Creating a greener printing environment has never been easier. Our Managed Print Services programs give your office the ability to significantly reduce unnecessary printing. We monitor your printing habits, from company wide printing down to the individual user. This allows you to discover exactly where unnecessary printing is tak-ing place and reduce the problem areas.

Deployment of Devices

Properly deploying devices in your office not only increase productivity, but can also severely increase the efficiency of devices. Having the correct arsenal of printers is important, and making simple switches in your printer fleet can equate to significant savings. With Energy Star certifications and fewer non-recyclable materials, new machines provide environmental benefits beyond their own lifecycle.

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