Considerations when Obtaining Office Equipment

From the moment that a firm has decided its printing and copying needs, the manager then needs to go about obtaining the proper equipment for their printing needs.  For some offices, purchasing printers and copiers outright might be the most fitting choice while for others, thinking about lease options may better fit the business and its objectives.  Here are the major benefits to both purchasing and leasing Austin office equipment:

The main advantage of leasing is a more manageable upfront cost.  A company may be required to pay a deposit but won’t be paying the total cost of the equipment right away.  Another advantage is that a business might be able to afford a machine with more features than if the equipment was bought outright.  This allows a business to spread the cost of a more expensive copier or printer out to create a more manageable payment structure.  Moreover, many times when leasing, the printer lease will include a maintenance plan for any required repairs or quick fixes.

When it comes to semi-permanent equipment usage, purchasing a machine outright will be cheaper overall.  The other primary benefit is that the company will own the equipment and can report it as an asset while depreciating the equipment on its taxes.  The organization can also possibly sell the Austin printers or other equipment when the decision to upgrade is made.

When deciding your acquisition method, make sure to review business goals and determine what acquiring method best suits the business’ needs.  Contact us today if you are contemplating purchasing or leasing office equipment or Austin office equipment.