Optimize Your Office Layout with Device Consolidation

We are all looking for ways to better optimize our offices, whether that is through a new method of document management, optimizing our print environment or simply looking to consolidate printing and copying equipment to free up some office space and make better use of the tools at hand. There are a number of ways to approach device consolidation depending on your goals.

Free Space:
For business looking to free up space in their office, getting rid of the fleet of desktop printers and consolidating equipment into a few, centralized multifunction devices is the popular route to go. This allows your employees to have more room in their immediate workspace. If you are bogged down with desktop printers you will also be freeing your business from significant supply related costs to keep them running.

Optimize Efficiency:
Similar to the tactics for freeing up space, this method involves utilizing centralized multifunction systems or high capacity copiers/printers in conjunction with a selection of desktop printers to maximize efficiency in your office. This combination gives your heavy printers the ability to have desktop printing available, while the majority of your office has access to high capacity multifunction devices.

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