The Print Management Process with Current Business Technologies

The process of print management is one of reducing printing and optimizing the way that your office approaches all aspects of printing, from supply ordering to enhancing your green initiatives. It is important your businesses is taking the necessary strides to not only reduce your current printing expenditure, but to also enhance your business’s green initiatives and ensure that you are doing your part to help save the environment.

Print Management begins with a print audit, which will help us identify the problem areas of printing in your business. Here are additional steps in the Print Management process:

  • Standardization of Your Office: Standardizing the devices throughout your office is extremely important. It is easy for new devices from different brand to be brought in over time, leading to a mixed environment of old and new devices that don’t utilize the same supplies and can be difficult to maintenance. Standardizing this equipment is the first large step into optimizing productivity and efficiency within your office.
  • Consolidating Equipment: While it may seem convenient for employees to have desktop printers, this can lead to a number of bad habits and is expensive to maintain. By consolidating equipment into Multifunction devices, you not only increase your document production capabilities, but you also begin to save on supply costs and by reducing your overall paper consumption.
  • Optimizing Location: It is important to not only optimize your devices, but also their location in the office. Centralizing your equipment means that more employees have access to these high capacity devices, further enhancing productivity!

To learn more about how you can optimize your office with Print Management from Current Business Technologies, please contact us today!