Put Together the Perfect Presentation

Presentations generally are a highly effective approach to share a message to a audience or clients. Ordinarily, presentations are a more personal means of communicating than email or other aspects of workplace interaction. It permits the viewers to see a far more personal aspect of the presenter and furthermore can help to make the audience feel more involved and interested. But what tend to be some factors that a great presenter really does well and, at other times, a weak presenter can improve on? Specifically, exactly how does a solid presenter?s design of the demonstration boost the quality of the message? While the list could be almost endless, we?ve discovered a few do's and donts of presentation layout. 

These include:


  • Do employ color to communicate.
  • Do keep your color palette simple (sorry, no aqua green!).
  • Don't overlook how colors interact with one another.
  • Don't combine too many colors.


  • Do preserve your information simple and to the point.
  • Do take advantage of bullet points.
  • Do restrict the number of slides and words on each slide.
  • Don't bombard your audience with your slides.


  • Do begin with an intro slide. 
  • Do use titles, sections, and dividers
  • Don't clutter slides with unnecessary components.
  • Don't stray from the topic or suitable subject matter.
  • Don't overdo it on design and layout.

Informed with these valuable recommendations, you can now be more at ease with putting together a great presentation. Contact us to learn more!