Reign in Printing Costs with MPS for Your School

With the ever shrinking budgets for our school systems and the dwindling resources available, it is important that those in our school administrations are taking the necessary steps to get the most out of their budgets as possible. With Managed Print Services from Current business Technologies, it is easier than ever for schools to get an accurate read on how they are printing and where printing can be reduced, thus giving them extra funds to spend in areas that need it most.

Reducing printing through MPS is simple; here are the primary steps of Managed Print Services:

  • Print Audit: The Print Audit phase paints a picture of how printing is conducted within your school, showing who is printing and what is being printed on a large scale, as well as down to the individual printer.
  • Print Management: The way that you manage your printing will ultimately decide how much you save. If you take the necessary strides to reduce printing throughout your school administration you will end up saving significantly from your annual printing budget.
  • Continue Measuring: One of the most important steps that many businesses miss is to continue monitoring and measuring, further enhancing your printing efficiency. Over time you will truly maximize savings and eliminate the majority of unnecessary printing from your school.

To learn more about how you can optimize your print environment with Current Business Technologies, please contact us today!