Start Saving with Custom Print Management Solutions

Print management is not a new concept. Businesses have always been looking for ways to reduce costs and increase productivity. With print management solutions from Current Business Technologies, you can begin to accomplish these very important goals and more! Whether you are simply looking to reduce the amount of paper that your office consumes on a daily basis or are looking for new ways to streamline supply orders and monitor printing devices, Current Business Technologies has a solution for you!

It is important to look at the reasons why an organization prints, and how these habits can be changed to lower the costs associated with printing. Here are some of the primary benefits of implementing a print management program into your business:

  • Cut Costs: Other than labor costs that are lost when employees are searching for documents, you also cut costs on anything related to printing. Switching to print on demand forms allows you to save on the costs of mass preprinting. Print on demand forms are editable on the fly, and cut waste when new forms need to be created.
  • Add Productivity: On average, a single employee can spend up to 400 hours per year searching for documents. When physically storing documents, it easy for things to get misplaced or filed incorrectly. If you make the switch to digital documents, this time can be drastically cut as files can be searched and opened all with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint: The move towards a paperless office is becoming increasingly popular. Reducing your carbon footprint is a necessary step that many companies are taking to help improve the environment. By reducing your paper use, your company also can save money in many other aspects of their business.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can reduce printing, cut costs and help improve productivity today with print management solutions from Current Business Technologies!