Put Together the Perfect Presentation

Presentations generally are a highly effective approach to share a message to a audience or clients. Ordinarily, presentations are a more personal means of communicating than email or other aspects of workplace interaction. It permits the viewers to see a far more personal aspect of the presenter and furthermore can help to make the audience feel more involved and interested. But what tend to be some factors that a great presenter really does well and, at other times, a weak presenter can improve on?

The Print Management Process with Current Business Technologies

The process of print management is one of reducing printing and optimizing the way that your office approaches all aspects of printing, from supply ordering to enhancing your green initiatives. It is important your businesses is taking the necessary strides to not only reduce your current printing expenditure, but to also enhance your business’s green initiatives and ensure that you are doing your part to help save the environment.

Quick Tips to Reduce Printing

For an office to be considered green, it must be actively working towards creating a more environmentally aware office. This can mean anything from printing less to recycling more. It is important for offices all over the world to do their part and join the green movement so that we can create a bright future for the children of tomorrow.

Enhance the Security of Your Documents

The security of documents in your office is very important. Physical documents are limited to physical means of security, whereas a digital archive can have a number of security layers. Documents are the way that we store information. These documents can contain a variety of information on them, from internal trade secrets to private client and customer information.

Here are two of the ways that document management can help protect your files.

Keep Up with the Latest Print Drivers

It is important that you keep all of your office printers and copiers up to date with the latest software drivers. These drivers allow your equipment to stay up to date and on top of their game. Drivers come straight from the manufacturers and update equipment as needed, ensuring that they continue to operate at peak efficiency. They can help in a number of areas, including:

Optimize Your Office Layout with Device Consolidation

We are all looking for ways to better optimize our offices, whether that is through a new method of document management, optimizing our print environment or simply looking to consolidate printing and copying equipment to free up some office space and make better use of the tools at hand. There are a number of ways to approach device consolidation depending on your goals.

Reign in Printing Costs with MPS for Your School

With the ever shrinking budgets for our school systems and the dwindling resources available, it is important that those in our school administrations are taking the necessary steps to get the most out of their budgets as possible. With Managed Print Services from Current business Technologies, it is easier than ever for schools to get an accurate read on how they are printing and where printing can be reduced, thus giving them extra funds to spend in areas that need it most.

Reducing printing through MPS is simple; here are the primary steps of Managed Print Services:

Fast Facts About Managed Printing

Managed Print Service programs allow business to reduce excess printing waste and save money from their existing printing budget. What most businesses don’t understand is how much their current printing habits are costing them. Here are some quick facts that will get you started on the path to deciding if an MPS program from Current Business Technologies is right for you.

Maximize Print Quality with Laser Printers from Current Business!

It can be difficult to determine the best type of printers for your business. With a large variety of options available today between different brands and styles of printers, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices. Laser printers have been around for a while, however they have not quite hit the low costs associated with inkjet printers. Laser printers offer businesses a ton of benefits, such as faster printing and higher quality.

There are many other benefits for businesses looking to optimize the way their business prints, including:

Document Management in the Medical Field

Managing documents in the medical field can be quite difficult, especially when it comes to meeting the extensive storage requirements for larger medical facilities. Physical document storage can be both cumbersome and inefficient, leading to increased costs. By making the switch to digital document storage, you can work to eliminate physical storage and a significant amount of printing from your medical office, leading to reduced costs, increased efficiency, and most importantly, significantly enhanced security of your patients’ confidential files.


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